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Ego - Innocent Narrator of our Judgments

The ego isn't "wrong" or "bad" its just limited. It's limited to the judgments we've used in the past to explain our behavior. It's part of the Narrator - Self who is only trying to make sense of our reality. The ego is the only thing we have that helps us make sense of who we are inside of our bodies. Neglecting, dismissing or hating the ego only makes us feel more disconnected with Self - not less. Ego is an essential part of our Being - without it we would be vegetables - comatose - no need to explain or narrate anything!

What a relief! I have an ego!

The judgments I make toward myself; self-critical, self-loathing, justification for not being my best Self, self-doubt, are not the ego. However, the ego takes those judgments that I have generated in my brain and makes a story about it that is plausible, and then I believe it.

What if I'm not broken? What if I'm not a terrible person? What if I'm not a victim? Those beliefs have all come from judgments narrated back to me by my ego and then I turn it around and blame the ego!

I think it's time to give credit where credit's due and say thank you to the ego. After all, it continues to show me what I need to work on, let go of and change in my own thinking. If I start with self-compassion, and love towards all of my parts, at least I can begin a change in me.

Peace and gratitude to all.

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