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Existential Self-Care

When you hear the words, “Self-Care” what comes to mind? What does self-care mean? I often get blank stares when I advise people to “take care of themselves” and I realized that people don’t know what it means to really take care of themselves.

Here is a list of Dos that maybe aren’t so obvious but are highly recommended.

Do consider your feelings…they are not the enemy.

Do think about what you want out of life, but also what you want in this moment.

Rest, relax, restore.

Take a “time out”.

Do what is in front of you… it will naturally lead you to the next thing and you’ll keep moving forward.

Do listen to your intuition and if it’s not saying anything…wait for it.

Do take care of your basic needs, eat, sleep, and bathe.

Do take risks that are personally yours to take. Risks will move you forward and open up new ideas and awareness’s in you.

Do learn something every day… it uses the same amount of energy as worrying but is more productive.

Do listen more than talk. Listening promotes peace and harmony inside as well as outside.

Do give yourself a break today, perfection is overrated and boring, plus there is no prize!

Do love yourself a little more every day. Identify something you like about yourself and appreciate it…chances are someone else does too!

Lastly, be gentle, be soft, be friendly to yourself first and then eventually your outside world will align with your insides.

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