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Life is Not a Balance Sheet

The saying “life’s not fair” may be correct...but does that feel good? No! And why? Because we have been programmed to believe that if we are “good” then we will be rewarded and if we are “bad” we will be punished. This can bring the innocence of our childhood to a screeching halt and set us up for a lifetime of feeling bad because we think we are to blame for the unhappy events that occur in our lives. This is unnecessary.

Good and bad judgments are the old spiritual paradigm, when superstition and fear was the rule and not the exception. Think about how many superstitious beliefs you still may believe in your life. Do any of them serve you? Do any of them make you feel relaxed? Do they assist you in feeling good about your achievements, or do they condemn you for any and all infractions mercilessly?

Let’s consider for a moment that we are not bad, or good. Is it possible that we have been misguided by the imprint of our youth and by the judgments that formed us? We live in a world today, that is slowly changing the landscape of that old belief system.

The old belief system is fading away as new Heart-Centered consciousness moves into and over the planet. Many spiritual leaders, students and masters have woken up to this new and refreshing shift in perception. What have we to fear? Do we think that if we let go of our stringent spreadsheet of misguided decisions and selfish desires, that we will become worse than what we already appear to be? The result may surprise you! When we let go of believing we are doing things “wrong” and listening to the inner critic that follows us throughout our day hating on ourselves, we actually do better. We actually start seeing the good in other people because we start to recognize it in ourselves. It was there in the beginning when we were babies; cute, lovable, innocent and completely perfect within and throughout. Our innocence is still there inside of each and every one of us waiting for us to remember how perfect and lovable we truly are.

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