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The Evolution of 12-step Groups

As the humanity of our planet continues to evolve in consciousness, there are obvious growing pains occurring within and throughout. Recovery is not an exception. The traditions and basic spiritual principles of 12-step programs are and have been a firm foundation and bedrock of millions of people’s sobriety for nearly 100 years. As we grow and change in the expansion of our consciousness, it would be wise to become more open minded than less, and more welcoming of the weary than exclusionary. After all, it was an act of compassion that brought Ebby T. to visit Bill in his home that day, and millions more compassionate and loving acts that have allowed us to recover from the devastating effects of addiction. Waking up to love, to thoughtfulness, to compassion for humanity is the first floor of this building.

One of the fundamental aspects of recovery is change. One would say, yes of course I want my life to change, but it’s not our life to change but our beliefs we must change. When we unravel our old, tired beliefs and reservations, we expand into the unlimited options of the Universe and step into the light of a new day, a new beginning. Every minute is a new beginning, every breath a new Universe awakens, and possibilities arise. When we lay down our worn out and tired beliefs about ourselves, our “drug of choice” or our old behavior patterns, we begin anew…like a brand new baby opening its eyes for the first time, full of hope and pure innocent joy. May we all be blessed with the joy of awakening to our new purpose, our new lives and our mission in life. Be well.

Diana Z.

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